Tuesday, August 31, 2010


21 foreign troops have been killed from Saturday till today which is August 31. Mostly they were US young soldiers that left their love ones behind and came here to fight with our enemy. As i talked to a lot of them they come to this hell to work and save money for their life. Unfortunately, they don't know a lot about this hell as their politician don't know as well. US officials see Afghanistan through Pakistani eyes and it they are in a complicate competition with British !!

Some of my friends -it does not matter where they are from or what is their nationality- are leaving Afghanistan and who knows when will we have dinner again together? A best friend of mine had a sad kind of love story and I'm anxious about him. I talked to him last night when i was driving him home and advice him what to do next. I am too nice maybe and i hate it!

Still it is complicate and in vain. i don't know what to do. i wish i could forget living with a clear conscience then it would be easy to live. i look for an opportunity to run away from all people who are depend on me and live for myself, like a selfish person.

I will have another embed on October 1, i don't want to leave on that day because its one of my friend's birth day but i can not change it. I hope i have a good embed with a lot of actions and combats and good photos. Bijan and Manija will be with me all the time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Afghanistan today!

Hazara's rally finished and a lot of people including Hazara's had a lot of damaged in their shops and business in their area. I saw two bodies, one Hazara and one none Hazara and some of Hazara's friend start to be so emotional , starting propagandas against Koochies, Pashtouns and government.

One of my facebook friend also said a lot of insulting words to me and even named me as an uneducated person.

The top news today is Karzai reaction about private security companies. AFP reported: " President Hamid Karzai will give armed contracting firms in Afghanistan four months to dissolve, his spokesman said Monday, sparking fears over a potential security crisis in the war-torn country.

"Today the president is going to issue a four-month deadline for the dissolution of private security companies," Waheed Omer said.

The point is that Karzai's brothers are involved in some security companies and no one believe that this new order will effect on any of them.

If "dissolution of private security companies" happened then what will be the alternative for foreign companies to be secure from Taliban attacks?

Afghanistan's National Police (ANP) is not a professional unit to take care of any thing and Intelligence Service is not ready to have this responsibility due to not having enough personals.

I believe that after four month attacks on foreign companies who are working to serve our people will be more and this is something that ISI want!!!?

The head of Afghanistan's Intelligent service told to a paper some times ago that he was trained by ISI. Isn't it a bit funny? :)

Today I was fine and Avaz which is a private production company was making a short report on me and about my job in Kabul. It will be published in three Afghan TV channels...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Kabul will face peace?

I Was at my office, waiting to go to the US embassy to cover an event while my Iranian friend, Majid Saeedi who is working as a photographer for Getty Images, called me and told me that he heard a big explosion sound in his area.
I called to several people to confirm it and called to some of my afghan and foreign friends who were living on that area to take care of themselves.

Our driver drove fast but due to heavy traffic i had to run a long way to get there. Police had been closed the road and a women, a girl and some young men guide me how to get there.

I arrived along with other journalist friends and i saw the destroyed bodies of two suicide attackers in front of a private security company where my cousin was working there too.

Eman my cousin was OK but he had scared a lot. he told me that their two drivers has been killed and he carried their bodies to a car.

The company was inside a civilian area and people around there were scared a lot. I saw a dead body of those two drivers in a police vehicle with a man who was crying loudly.

police were pushing and beating us to run us from the site of the suicide attack but we have to do our job.

We struggled a lot and took pictures any way. you can see some of my photos in www.imageforum.afp.com by searching my name as Massoud Hossaini.

Today me and some of my friends will go to an Indian restaurant. whenever i saw this kind of event it makes me depress. I hope i would not be boring for my friends tonight.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Sorrow!

When I arrived to my office a friend of mine called me and asked me to do not go to Badakhshan as I had asked her to introduce a person to work with me as a fixer while im there.

She was so sad and her voice was telling me that she cried. She started talking about Tom, one of the eye doctors who was killed few days ago in Badakhshan.

" He was my kind and smiley eye doctor for 22 years. When I opened my eyes and I can remember he was making my glass and was taking care of my eyes all the time " she said over the phone.

Azar, was born with a problem in her eyes and Tom was her doctor for 22 years and she is from Badakhshan.

" I hope none of the origin Badakhshi people are guilty in this story ".

" I don't remember any time time that Tom talks about religion or encourage me to accept Christian religious idea ".

Some of other friends shared some of their memory of those heroes in their facebook pages too.

Any way, Me and Emmanuel who is a writer in AFP went to interview Frida Tarana who is candidate for parliamentary election on September 18.
She had stress and was asking me that how much she will have chance to win. She is one of my friend from Afghan Star and she sings really good. I could not say any thing just " I hope and Im sure that I will see you in Parliament one day " I said.

Cloudy weather in Kabul makes everything grey but im exited for tonight which I will meet a great person in a lovely restaurant.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

I will be myself for ever

Finally, I decided to share whatever I see in my during doing my job to every one. I'm a news photographer working for Agency France-Presse (AFP) in Kabul, Afghanistan and i see sad adventures and some times exiting events in my daily life times.

My English is not perfect then I apologise if you see some mistakes in my writing, but it is a start to solve it.

Few days ago, Gunmen shot dead eight foreign medical aid workers in the remote forests of north Afghanistan, their charity said Saturday as the Taliban claimed it killed them for being "Christian missionaries". It is a big and important news in Afghanistan and me and my other colleague have to find some pictures to illustrate this story.

Few minuets ago we heard that two US helicopters landed at an Afghan military hospital and my colleagues Marai as the photographer and Karim as a writer went there to see what can they find to develop the story.

It is so sad to know about the story. The deads were all doctors who served Afghan society and some of them have been working for many years under any kind of government in Afghanistan.

Any way, lets see what will happens in this country and in my life.