Friday, April 8, 2011

A big Disaster!

My friends having fun as they are rolling from the top of Rig-e Rawan Mountain to button.
 We as seven girls and seven guys were climbing a sand mountain and we were so happy, it was too hard but one of the girls was the first one who was in the top of the Rig-e Rawan Mountain in Kapisa province. Girls had concern to go out of Kabul due to security problems but when we all gathered in north gate of Shar-e Naw Park, early morning on Friday April 1, and talk to each other; we decided to go to Rig-e Rawan Mountain in Kapisa province north of Kabul.

It was a lot of fun, specially when we were rolling from the top to the button of the mountain, laughing a lot and it was crazy and enjoying being all together. We stope in the way coming back to Kabul for a Bolani and Dough which they are Afghanistan’s vegetarian food. We were making jokes and laughing a lot and taking pictures.

We did not know that it was a violent rally going on the same time in northern Mazar-i Sharif and some crazy men were climbing UN walls and killing 7 innocent foreigners to show their anger about Quran burning by a crazy American poster in California some while ago.

Rally in Mazar on April 1, 2011. Photo: Yahoo News.

Terry Jones, who promised not burning any Quran, broke his promising and burnt Quran on March 21 which was the first of our new year and the same day i was in Mazar-i Sharif, covering the new year ceremony so peacefully and happy.

The politicians of other Islamic country keep quite about it as most of the big news agencies did, because every one believed that Terry Jones is mentally unstable and no one will count him serious as Christian world delegate. It was nothing in big and rich Islamic country in the world but an ignorant statement from Karzai office made everything changed, a bloody changing.

Ten innocent people have been killed in Mazar and many injured and many people were killed and wounded in southern Kandahar and rally still is going on around the country.
Demonstration was peaceful in Mazar and they normally should go to an American office or organization but they suddenly changed their directions and attack to UN office. It was a big shame for governor Atta who always bluff to have peace and security in Mazar. He could not or maybe he did not want to control the crowed and the city that people in Afghanistan proud of her for culture and civilisation was place of a bloody
event including beheading two innocent non American foreigners.

Karzai repeated another big mistake and was the cause of killing of many innocent people in Afghanistan. Who should punish him now? Who can punish a dictator who took all the power in his dirty hands?

In a Democracy system power will be shared and all people will rule the country and society, in our country Karzai as president select the head of Justice system and he does not listen to the parliament. He dose not follow the Constitution law and then he invites Taliban to accept it. He does not know what he is doing and how he should rule the country.

Karzai team thinks that they follow 'National Benifit' and what ever they do is correct. Making propaganda about west and specially USA -who are our strategic friends in this region and spending a lot of lives and money here- to get closer to Taliban, does not work. He and his team should know that people are not blind and making law for wedding to cover his mistake about the statement for Quran burning is not that smart.
We as Afghanistan’s people pretend to know each other which is wrong. Neither our politicians nor the people do not know Afghanistan’s people and we never try to know each other. Most of youth in Kabul mostly from my friends are so hopeless and disagree about all policy that Karzai follow but he and his team never try to contact people and talk to them and know what they want.

Karzai is helping Afghanistan’s nations to be divided more than before. He has a big misunderstanding about democracy and governance. He and his corrupt government and family will lead Afghanistan to NO where.

The sad part of all Afghanistan’s life is that youth are not ready and aware to do any action; the youth are so divided and apart from each other. No one tried and did not want to gather them and use their power to change this country. Would be a time that we see youth getting control of this country and honesty becomes a policy?