Friday, May 6, 2011

US killed Bin Laden but no one was covinced!

This picture is not real
 Special force of US Navy Seals had a ride to Osama Bin Laden, the father of terror and fear, in a small town near Islamabad, Pakistani capital on 1st of May. I woke up at 7:30 am which my office called and told me the news. I was shocked and later I get excited about the news. I was so happy to hear that because a lot of people from Afghanistan and other countries were died just because he thought that God send him to stop westerners for being cruel to Muslims, but the result was dying of a lot of Muslim specially in my country.

I cam to my office and it was not much to do here in Kabul. I went to some tea houses and TV shops to see if people are watching news and have their reactions. Most of the ordinary people had no idea but most of educated people were happy to hear that. Some Afghanistan's local TV were showing a fake picture of Osama with a bloody face.

I became happy to hear that but never convinced about it. US and international media were telling the story like: US attack to Bin Laden house and killed him and took his body and then buried him in the sea and the story is finished. Could I or any one else be convinced when no one see any photos or video?

Pakistan ISI said they are ashamed that they could not find Osama's place in Afghanistan and later, Pakistani government announced that they investigate and asked Bin Laden's wife and they found some children which it is believed that they are Bin Laden's children. All these news coming from Pakistan is trying to confirmed the Bin Laden's death.

Obama told to the journalists that they would not publish the photos as they can be used by extremist to make protests and photos will excite anti US and anti westerners emotions. Do you think it is a good excuse to not publishing the truth? Who should decide what kind of truth people can be aware of or what people should watch?

All photos and videos will be published some day whether Obama want or not but if Obama let them to be published, he will show that USA is sure that what ever they decide was right and they did a right job, but if they don't it means that they are not sure at all.

USA always trying to show that they are defending freedom of speech and all true information freely can be transfer to people who have the right to know. Do US people have right to know what happened during that raid? Do other people around the world have rights to know?
Other question which does not have answers yet: How USA became sure that the person who they killed is real Bin Laden? Any DNA test? Was any one from free media to take picture of his dead body?

USA government is in really sensitive situation to confirm that what ever they say about freedom of speech and Human rights is true and their politician believe them.

Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai was so happy as he could confirmed to the world that Bin Laden is in Pakistan, not in Afghanistan. Pakistani PM also try to travel to some European countries and beg to not cutting the help and donation to Pakistan.

I think the story of Bin Laden it is not finish as USA and Afghanistan wish. The ideology and his terror organization still are alive and there are enough stupid people around the world to follow him and start making more terrorist attack to every one. Now, we are waiting for Afghanistan if some demonstrations happens.

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