Saturday, June 18, 2011

Attack in the heart of Kabul!

A Woman runs as she cries during a clash between Afghanistan's forces and Taliban fighters.
I start today very calm and when I arrived to my office, start informing my friends for a Classic Concert which was planed at France Cultural Center at 5:30 pm.

At 2 pm some one inform my colleague about a suicide attack on a police station in a crowd and business place of Kabul. We run to reach there and when i arrived there I all the shops were closed and their owner were walking sad and and unhappy.

We arrived to a street which police station was placed, after struggling with Police, tried to be closed as much as we can. Clash is started. One suicide attacker was below up himself inside the police station and two other entered and opened fire.

Mandavi, the place where attack happened, is a crowded area where all old and traditional markets are there and big number of people trad, work and walk there every day.

Afghanistan's shopper look on during a clash between Afghanistan's forces and Taliban fighters.

I saw a man was carrying a wounded policeman. some men who had shop near police station, had been were watching from inside their shops and their faces were so sad and scary.

A woman was running without shoes and crying and an old man was running after her and his face was so red and he was scared a lot.

Police was shouting me and tried to kick me out as I arrived first and then a man in a shop shout a lot of bad words to me and I did not tell him any thing. I though he may think that I am a foreigner and as Karzai all the time blame foreigner about what ever happens, he was angry an shout on me too.

I changed my place and i run to another place where all other journalists were there. I saw a dead body of an attacker who had an Afghanistan's National Army (ANA) uniform. He was young.

An intelligence personnel was talking loud and blame people there that why they did not inform them and why people do not corporate with Afghanistan's security forces.

In another corner, two dead body of Afghanistan's policemen were lie down in a police vehicle. A police was shouting an some French soldiers from ISAF and asking to leave there.

 A dead body of a Taliban fighter after a clash between Afghanistan's forces and Taliban fighters.

The hole area was locked down and all city was informed and most of the streets were empty of the traffic. city was under shadow of another fear.

The music concert was canceled and friends informed each other in Facebook about it. The voice of ambulances are cut now and there is wind which shake the trees in our office.


  1. Very informative. Please keep us on top of what is happening. Enlightening.

  2. Mrs. Knutweitz,

    Many thax that you read my blog and very happy for you support. i will do try my best. :)

  3. Wow, the pictures really bring it to life.

  4. Hello, Mr. Houssaini

    I'm a brazilian journalist working for a brazilian newspaper called Zero Hora ( and I wonder if I could talk with you about what you saw today on Afeganistan. Is it possible? My email is

    Thank you very much,

    Cláudio Rabin

  5. Your photos are incredibly moving, I am writing a blog post about the picture of yours in the NYT's and was wondering how I email you to ask a quick question.


  6. Thanks for your important work!

  7. These suicide attacks will drug this attackers to hell. They don't care about Afghanistan and Islam

  8. I'm so sorry, Massoud. I loved going to Madavi when I lived in Kabul. You're right - it's just everyday people, trying to make a living. My friend, Brian Carderelli who was killed there, has beautiful videos he made of your country. These may encourage you. They can be viewed at:

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