Sunday, August 8, 2010

I will be myself for ever

Finally, I decided to share whatever I see in my during doing my job to every one. I'm a news photographer working for Agency France-Presse (AFP) in Kabul, Afghanistan and i see sad adventures and some times exiting events in my daily life times.

My English is not perfect then I apologise if you see some mistakes in my writing, but it is a start to solve it.

Few days ago, Gunmen shot dead eight foreign medical aid workers in the remote forests of north Afghanistan, their charity said Saturday as the Taliban claimed it killed them for being "Christian missionaries". It is a big and important news in Afghanistan and me and my other colleague have to find some pictures to illustrate this story.

Few minuets ago we heard that two US helicopters landed at an Afghan military hospital and my colleagues Marai as the photographer and Karim as a writer went there to see what can they find to develop the story.

It is so sad to know about the story. The deads were all doctors who served Afghan society and some of them have been working for many years under any kind of government in Afghanistan.

Any way, lets see what will happens in this country and in my life.


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