Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Sorrow!

When I arrived to my office a friend of mine called me and asked me to do not go to Badakhshan as I had asked her to introduce a person to work with me as a fixer while im there.

She was so sad and her voice was telling me that she cried. She started talking about Tom, one of the eye doctors who was killed few days ago in Badakhshan.

" He was my kind and smiley eye doctor for 22 years. When I opened my eyes and I can remember he was making my glass and was taking care of my eyes all the time " she said over the phone.

Azar, was born with a problem in her eyes and Tom was her doctor for 22 years and she is from Badakhshan.

" I hope none of the origin Badakhshi people are guilty in this story ".

" I don't remember any time time that Tom talks about religion or encourage me to accept Christian religious idea ".

Some of other friends shared some of their memory of those heroes in their facebook pages too.

Any way, Me and Emmanuel who is a writer in AFP went to interview Frida Tarana who is candidate for parliamentary election on September 18.
She had stress and was asking me that how much she will have chance to win. She is one of my friend from Afghan Star and she sings really good. I could not say any thing just " I hope and Im sure that I will see you in Parliament one day " I said.

Cloudy weather in Kabul makes everything grey but im exited for tonight which I will meet a great person in a lovely restaurant.



  1. Good to see you are writing massoud.. I think much of the things you say here i understand.. reading between the lines i see you are taking allot of your frustration out .. with writing.. keep it up buddy..

    I enjoin you in the sorrow and pain we are being made to bear with.. those who inflict such pains roam freely around.. looking for their next prey. They have left even the areas we deemed safe now a dangerzone.. i wish one day we can start a trip when there is no fear...


  2. Thank you very much my friend. I will try to write what ever i see. it will help friends to know what is going on here in my country. maybe help some one for haveing more info. Chhers/Massoud

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Massoud Jaan.