Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who is the sexiest candidate!

Today, I met Robina Jalali, one of the sexiest girl who is candidate for parliamentary election which will be on Sept. 18. She was at her campaigning center and when I entered to her office she stand up, She has grown in height since the last time i have met her. She is so sexy but while she was speaking to me about elections, she was really low profile. She was talking like a villager girl.

There are some girls among candidates who just using their beauty of their face and their body to go to parliament. If i chose between several girls like, Robina, Zahra Naderi, and Nouritani i will choose Robina as matter of being sexy!!!?

I would not vote at all because i know it will be a big fraud and i don't want my vote goes to war Lord or any one that i don't want. Shokria Barekzai also have been published one of her photos from many years ago and old and middle age men like to vote her!

Zahra Naderi is so smart and also pretty and sexy. She is daughter of Ismaily religios leader here in Afghanistan and can talk English so well. She is educated and i would be happy for her to go to Parliament.

Yesterday i met a candidate who was in Guantanamo prison for years and when i was taking his pictures he was posing like a prisoner!!!

I respect some attacks tomorrow and the elections day. Taliban threaten people to cut their fingers or they might attack to voting centers and it scares me too. I will be in all danger places tomorrow and after tomorrow.

I'm too busy these days but still my relationships are in my mind and bother me some times. My problem is like Afghanistan problem, so complicate and no solution!! :(


  1. Massoud Jaan,

    Where can we see the photos you take?

  2. Dear Kabul Sceane,
    You can see my pix in: by searching my name as: Massoud Hossaini

  3. Thank you Massoud Aziz. I really enjoyed seeing your photos.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on today's events.

    Stay safe