Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stupid Election!!

Afghanistani people are preparing for the second parliamentary election in their history but this election is one of the most stupid election i have ever seen in my life.

1) If you just search about some of the candidate's background you would understand what i am talking about. An uneducated runner girl, a singer who is similar to a famous dead singer, an actor and actress, war Lords, some inexperience journalists and some tribe leaders who don't know what does parliament means. Who made this stupid low that everyone can be candidate?

2) Just look at some of their goals written on their posters: "I am an Union Pain"!, "I will stop talking about Afghanistan separation"!, "If you vote for me I will make you road and city clean"!, "I will start peace talks with Taliban as soon as i become MP" and a lot of stupid goals that even Karzai can not do them.

3) No one trust the result but all candidates hope to wine and no one will forgive if some fraud happens. A lot of fake election ID have been prepared in Iran and Pakistan but no one cares.

4) Most of young and educated candidates who know they would not go to Parliament have hope to use the opportunity after election to apply for political assailant in Europa, Canada or US. They don't spend a lot of money to save their money for their trip to live in freedom!!

And a lot of funny and stupid other reasons which make this election so stupid. All we know that majority of MPs will be Karzai,s supporters to support him to get all the business and power in this country and then run and live in a western country.

I am so busy and tired these days, hopeless, depress, angry some times, not having enough sleep, not feeling safe, careless and live as a immigrant!. Today was another stupid demonstration against the Koran burning plan which was canceled two days ago. The demonstrators were so young and they ever shout slogans against us. They did not know what they want. I took photos and all of my photographer Friends were happy about what i did. :)

I will have a few busy days ahead and i hope nothing make me sad before and after election.

Yaa Hoo


  1. yeah,, thts wht happns in elections here also... canditates who do not even know the meaning of liberstion n progress bng made d leaders.... its all nuisance... u take care of yourself n do not get bothered by all this.... n still why they are after tht quran burning issue,, its over n out.. in kashmir too, 20 people lost their lives n many injured cause of d rumour tht quran burnt i usa..... whn all this going to stop?????????? think only when some good governence comes in power n look in the interest of people rather thn their own,,, happy busy dayz to you..... cheers :)

  2. Massoud Aziz,

    I truly enjoy reading your perspective on issues.

    Keep it up and please stay safe. I heard about the demonstration today - did anyone tell them that the stupid guy in Florida is not planning to burn the Koran?

    I read the article by Safiullah Aminzada in BBC and made me laugh. (

    Take care,