Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is this Blackhawk!

Today (Oct. 9) I flight from Kandahar Air Field (Kaf) to the west of Kandahar, Camp FOB Ramrod which is placed on a desert. I am with a Medevak unit and we flight with the lovely Blackhawk which is a US black military helicopter (Chines call it Blackcock :)!!). This helicopter is amazing and it was flying on ten meters from the ground and was flying as easy as a pigeon. It was a snaky flight which I enjoyed it a lot.

It turned to right and left really quickly, went up and suddenly down without any problem. I have seen it before a lot but this one was amazing. It was flying as easy as a small bird does, even it could go forward which I think most of normal birds can not!

Medevac is a great unit inside US army which helps wounded people and transport them to the nearest US army hospital. they don't care about the nationalities of the wounded people. They help even wounded Taliban fighters to reach a hospital and save their life, but all we know that those fighters hands over to Afghanistan's government and then Karzai calls them “Unhappy Brothers” and free them. they will go back to their camp in Pakistan and restart fighting with US army and Afghanistan's people and army in general!!!!

I am embedding with this Medevac unit till Oct. 14 and there are two nice and friendly young pilots and two other soldiers including a female who has been train for medic helps to wounded soldiers and wounded civilians.

During our flight, I just could see a red desert and some where which was some water some sheep with a man after them and some camels which were sitting or walking. Some where some Nomad's tents but I could not understand how those people could live there. It was a hell.

In the afternoon we as three soldiers and me sit outside and chat about Afghanistan and for sure from my side about Iran too. The pilot and the female soldier was talking about a 4 year-old girl who was burnt by her father. The father for some reason took her feet and put her to a big pot of boiling water! Half of the girl's body from the head till her stomach was completely burnt as they said. They took the girl and her father to take them to hospital to rescue the girl's life and as the pilot was keep telling this story, the father was enjoying the flight without any care about his daughter!

Oh my God! I can not imagine a human does that to his own child. They were asking me about the reason and I did not have any thing to tell them! It is a big shame.

I made few pictures but I could not send them because my satellite device for internet connection did not work. I called to Bgan's office in US but they just like stupids said that they are facing some technical problems!!

Any way, in this hell nothing works well. Every thing is against everything. Now I'm in my bed in a big tent that in the corner two female in this unit have separated two bed with some fabric and sleep.

We will see each other again, I hope!

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