Thursday, October 7, 2010

USA, International community and Afghanistan, 9 years later!

Today is the 9th anniversary of US attack at Taliban and then coming to Afghanistan. Hundreds of foreign youth soldiers die every year and more painful that thousands of Afghanistan's civilian die and more than that wound.

After 9 years, statistics of the death is growing up year by year. Four to five thousands civilian die every year which is a lot more than Taliban time. A big number of children, women and men get injury and find disability and can not work or live as normal.

After 9 years, hundreds of young American soldiers, UK and other nationalities die and a lot more become disable which is a big pain for their society and their families. (

After 9 years, Afghanistan practically does not have a government outside of Kabul and some few big cities. Karzai's government and NATO losing lands for Taliban every year -and a big example is on going operation in Arghandab which I'm here to cover it if i have opportunity and i remember the same operation was done with NATO and Canadian few years a go and they told that Taliban will never can take the control of Arghandab again but they did- and Karzai's gov. can not and do not want to control the situation which is going worst.

After 9 years, the security situation even in big cities like Kabul and Herat became worst than any time. I'm living in west of Kabul and every week i see a kidnapping and robbery story in my area and some nights which is late i scared to go to my home and i stay with some of my friends in the center of city.

After 9 years, another big enemy of Afghanistan people's life has been grown up and became so big and that is "Corruption". you cant find any gov. office to do their regular job without asking irregular money. When you go to the gates of Kabul every evening you will see that policemen try to take money from trucks drivers which is completely irregular and if they don't pay they will start beating them or stop their trucks for a long time. I saw this matter a lot of time.

After 9 years, people can not travel between the cities as they could do it easily few years ago. Kabul's citizens even can not travel to Wardak or Logar after three o'clock afternoon. When i was in Salang pass with some of my foreign friends, Salang police chief warned me to do not drive after Salang and talking about going to Kunduz in the North seems to be stupid now. Ghurband area on the way to Bamyan is insecure and few month ago gunmen attacked to a civilian transportation bus and stole their properties.

After 9 years, most of schools and clinics in the south are closed all the year and some girl's schools and clinics are burnt down completely. some schools even were under poisoning attack around Kabul. Karzai's gov. does not have even one long term plan for education and protect students and doctors.

After 9 years, hunger and poverty grow up a lot and the cost of living is staggering. Poor people has been more poor and rich people became more rich. A daily worker, works 12 hours a day and gets 100 to 300 Afs (2 to 6 $) and the cost of living is too high compare to three years ago. No factories has been rebuilt seriously and no development in economy situation. Kabul bank as a private and one of the biggest bank has been almost bankrupt and Karzai's gov. can not stand in his own feet without foreign funds.

After 9 years, But we had a good development in Media industry and a lot of TV channels and radios has started working and a big number of young and educated men and women found job. there is some threaten to limit and close this new industry but till now it is not a serious problem.

After 9 years, Afghanistan can not held a free and fair election and no one from opposition is happy with it. in a democracy system, elections is to make opposition contended to accept their lost and start working in gov. but Karzai's gov. and his elections comission even could not contend his friends!!!

Karzai brother's stories are enough famous that i don see any need to remained about it!!

Who is responsible? A big percentage of all these mess is because of Karzai's personality and his lake of management, But foreign countries also involved in this crime. They have injected him to Afghanistan and now they can not work with him.

If i continue then it will be a really long and you will be tired to read all. you can add some of the points if i did not insert them.

See you around.


  1. It is a disaster Massoud jan. The Soviet-installed government in Kabul made at least the capital city a safe place to live and developed it only to be destroyed by the warlords from 1992-96. What has this government given to Afghans? I can't think of anything...can you?

  2. No man. it is defficult to defend Karzai and find good result in his gov. history in this 9 years. Hi city, Kandahar rebuilte a bit but security is more important for people. He could not bring a minimum of security in all these years. I think the final decision would be devision to two part. north and south.