Friday, October 1, 2010

When ISAF will trust Afghanistani journalists!!!

Yesterday (Sept. 30) I went to Kaia to start my embedding with US troops and covering Arghandab operation. Our flight was a Canadian military flight and a US soldier should escort me in the plain that i would not do any terrorist attack!!! There were some other journalists too, they were from UK and ISAF did not put any escort for them. I felt a bit insulted. this is not the first time that happened like this.

My escort was a nice US woman soldier who was working for media operation center in Kandahar air base. When we landed in Kaf. i thanked her and i told her that i hate this rules but she defended and told me that they will do for any none NATO members but my other two journalist friends did not need any escort!!!!?

I did not have this problem with US troops when i had embed through them not through ISAF. I did not have this problem with German troops as well.

The question is that when ISAF or any foreign troops -who has come here to teach us and bring us democracy- will trust us and if they can not trust our educated people then why they are here? Is their job insulting us or helping us to establish peace as they say?

I think this will make more hate between us and ISAF and international community here in Afghanistan. I can understand that they are spending a lot of money and their children life here but still they don't act as professionals. The don't know our country at all and they don't try to know. they just listen to Pakistan and some of their sociologist in the west that they think they know Afghanistan and its people.

it is almost 9 years that all international community are here with more than 100,000 soldiers with the most modern weapon and technology but they could not fight with 20,000 Taliban insurgents who they are fighting just with land mines, Ak and some light weapons.

Any way, I am stuck here in Kaf till Sunday. My bed is in a big tent with other journalists but we don't have any Internet connection. They have changed their "Ground Rules" for journalists a lot and made it so hard to work. I think the next rule would be having permission when we want to go to toilet!! :)

The situation in Kaf and using a lot of security walls shows that situation has not improve at all and even it is worst now. The question is that after 9 years spending a lot of money and life Why they are not successful and are they losing this war? If they leave Afghanistan next year as they said before it will be a big courage for terrorists around the world to start their activities more than now.

Karzai wont be able to control the country and if the foreign troops leave here next year, Afghanistan will be fallen on terrorists hand again and will export terrorists to other country and Taliban will be famous as the best fighters for Islamist movement who want to create war and Jihad to take power.

Who want this??

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  1. Massoud, personally I feel there is a sense of guilt and discontent in the hearts of most of the western troops there. Trust is a mixture of honesty, courage and sincerity. If you've them in your heart, you can trust anyone but if you're void of them then there is no chance you can even trust your family let alone strangers.

    This battle was lost from day 1 I can openly say. Yes the Taliban are bad and nobody wants them to rule Afghanistan with impunity but the western occupation of Afghanistan have made them the worst. They're now like a paranoid who used to be afraid and skeptic about everything but now it is full of rage and revenge.

    The country will head for another civil war once the western troops quit Afghanistan. I really hope to be proven wrong...I really do but no one is interested in making my fears wrong...pathetic!