Sunday, October 3, 2010

US media center even can not manage an Embed for me!!

It is three days that I'm stuck in Kandahar US base to go to Arghandab to cover war between US army and Taliban and few minutes ago they informed me that all other journalists will go tonight but i have to wait for Oct. 6. The media guy was explaining me the reasons but i can not even believe that it was a reason. probably they have given my seat to an American journalist.

I was in the list to flight tonight but for some reason they postponed it for me and an Iranian photographer and we have to stay for three more days. If you look at Kandahar base now and compare it to two years ago every thing is so confused and the first question which comes to any one mind is: Are the USA and its partners losing this war?!

Every night we have alarm bell for rocket attack and then we have to run to closest bunker, Media center have given permission to more than 20 journalist to cover their brave fighting for freedom but they cant get us out of here to cover it, fighter jets and helicopters are flying from base every hour and many other problems which show that US military is distracted.

When they postponed my flight as the only local journalist who cover this war, what will be the first thing which comes to my mind?! Did they canceled it because of my nationality? To be honest I can not say that because there are some other US journalists who are waiting too.

One thing that they can not understand is that Agance France-Presse is a big news agency and most of our client are waiting to have the photos as soon as possible.

Any way talk to you later!!


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  2. I totally understand your frustration mate and it is really sad to see that you can't do what you really want to just because of some vague directives. After the end of this war, which I hope happens soon, alienating the locals will be one of the most important reasons the Americans will regret and rue for years to come.

    As for yourself, you're covering a turning point in the history which is bound to change the course of wars forever. Your work and services are very important for the world so please stay calm and focused and don't let these issues get the best of you.

    Moign Khawaja

  3. Moign jaan,
    Thax for your nice message. I feel whatever thety do is to show that Afghanistan's people need help and they can not go one without them. i saw this many times. they dont encourage Afghanistan's people at all as they should if they want to help. Me and some of other photographer who we are professinal faced a lot of bad behaive before. The other Afghanistani photographers decided to not doing any other embed but as i always like to fight instead of leaving the field, trying to break this but still foreign troops are having not correct behaive with me too. some times i think whatever they say about justice and human rights are empty from inside and they just lie and they dont care what will happend.