Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quaking president in a complicate society!

Hamid Karzai inaugurated the second democratic Afghanistan's parliament today but sad and angry as he mentioned in the end. "Apologize if i become angry some times".

Afghanistan is in the first weeks of the difficult and most dangerous year in this almost ten years fight against terrorism and extremism and this president make more problems just because some of his supporters from his tribe could not go to a parliament which does not have any power to change any thing.

"We should not let those bad dreams which they have dreamed for us, comes true." The crisis is started when Karzai some how shown his dissatisfaction about parliamentary elections some where which his friends from his tribe did not wine. He managed some demonstration and then made an irregular "Special Court" to cancel the result some where to bring his more friends from his tribe. this was one of the "Bad Dearms" which he dreamed but he taught that foreigners dreamed it. He normally forget a lot of things recently!!

How a country can be manage with a person who is depressed and takes some stupid decisions and then forgets them?!! He has forgotten that Afghanistan is in the middle of somewhere of an unclear war which has made all people so tired and angry!!

Karzai just repeats whatever Ahmadi Nejad say in his speeches but he forgets that here is not Iran and we don't have any one higher than our constitution low and we don't have any one from God side to decide for us.

Who should talk and explain about National Benefits?! People not you Mr. Karzai.

Every thing is started so complicate and sad in 2011. I have applied for a visa to US as I was invited in Sundance Film Festival which is one of the biggest and important festivals in US and world but they did not print any visa for me.

US troops started another operation in Helmand just after Christmas and Iran closed the brothers for fuel and now the price of fuel is so high in the market which every thing became expensive and poor people are punished for some thing which no one knows what.

Where are we going?

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