Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloody friday!

I was having the good time with my relatives which my Iranian photographer friend called me and told " An explosion in street 15th of Wazir Akbar Khan"! It was hard to believe but when my another friend called me and said me the same thing then i believed!

I drove fast to reach there, The Finest super market, a market run by Ismaeli people with the support of Aga Khan and a place that I normally shop and my other local and international friend.

The broken glasses were every where and a policeman was trying to keep us away. I saw the first body lying on the ground and a with fabric on it, fire fighters brought another dead body and it was a woman, her body was destroyed bu i could see women shoes on her feet. She was a foreigner.

They carried out another destroyed and dead body, another woman. every one was a bit sad but when the security personnel take out a small body, all get more sad, He was a child around eight year old. Security personnel really wanted to keep us away from that body, every one was angry and sad. I saw his face through my camera for a second and i could take a picture and when i saw it in the screen of my desktop, it really hurt me.
His small face was totally red and his hair was completely burnt, I saw his little shoes and i was close to cry.

I saw two another dead and destroyed body, doctors and fire fighters were trying to put those bodies inside an ambulance but it was difficult because they were destroyed. I saw some of my foreign friends who were so sad and scared. I'm sure they were thinking the same thing like me. I remembered the last present which i bought for my fiancee from there to make her happy and i remembered the face of those people who were working there.

I went back to my office and start sending my pictures and looking at my picture made me more sad. I finished my job and i left the office to go home and i passed the super market again, the super market was destroyed and no one was there, even the credit card seller and money change who normally run to my car and greetings happily to change my money!

Now I'm in my fiancee room, sitting on a bed and watching TV which is showing Egypt in revolution, a police car wildly attack to people and try to kill them! What a Friday!!

Islamic Party of Gulbuddin Hekmatiar and Taliban, both take the responsibility and I'm sure they thought their suicide attacker is in the Paradise with 70 virgin and our week president thinks that how he can make peace with this people! If Egyptian are getting their freedom, we are dying every day for nothing! :(

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