Monday, March 28, 2011

Hope, Hope Not!

On March 21, which is the first day of spring and Afghanistan's New Year, i was in Mazar-i Sharif to cover the biggest new year ceremony in the country. The color of the city was changed and you could see that normal life is getting excited and different to welcome new year. City was totally on the hand of Afghanistan's security forces as it was the time to hand over all security responsibility from foreign forces to Afghanistan's forces who did not know how to behave people in their happy time. They were beating people with their gun, telling them a lot of bad words and ANA soldiers who mostly were from south, even did not know why they are there and what is going on. The worst part was the time that officials wanted to cross a road, security forces became crazy and start beating people to make them away from officials vehicles! I could not understand that security forces were there to protect and secure people or just officials! :(

I saw thousands of people in the first night of new year were coming to street and dancing and when fire works started, i could see thousands of mobiles were filming that happy moment. Girls and women were watching it from the roof of their houses.

South still is in a bloody war and last night 20 civilians has been killed and 50 wounded in Paktia as well as 50 police employees were arrested by Taliban in Kunar and violence is highly going on.

The first point which came to my mind was different situation between North and South. North is getting more civilised and experiencing a relatively peace, Although they are kind of kidnapped by Atta Mohammad Noor and his gunmen and some European country support them but still people who were talking to me were happy to be on that situation then Karzai send a governor and ruined their life.

Practically, country has been divided to two part, North which is going to develop more in civilisation and peace and South full of violent and an unclear war is going on there. Karzai as Afghanistan president even could not go to Mazar in the north and he even can not travel around the country. He is mostly president in Kabul and busy with his business in Kabul Bank and his family.

The really funny part of Afghanistan's Gov. action which is Karzai's decision is "High Council for Peace". Karzai gathered all big gunmen like Rabani, Saiaf and other war criminal to make peace with Taliban. Even a child in Afghanistan knows that these war criminals were fighting with Taliban for years and Taliban knows them as their enemy, then how they will listen to them as an impartial group and how they will start communicate with them? These faces are so hated by all but as Karzai lost his international friends and supporters, he has to use them as they have gun and money.

In the same time which that uproar is going on, group of new generations are coming up and they are so angry about what is going on. There are several groups in Facebook with several thousands followers who always shout on government and want reform every thing. They need support and help but no one knows how and who should help them.

In 2014 all international forces will leave Afghanistan as Barak Obama announced it and it was his big mistake about Afghanistan. They will leave and again they will forget us and Afghanistan will be again the hell of all terrorists and crazy people. I'm sure that Taliban are waiting for that time to start their second level of their so-called Jihad to destroyed the system and rule the country with their sham law which they call it Shari'ah.

I have read history a lot but i have never seen a stupid social system which my country has and i had never seen a stupid and ignorant government like it is in my country. Hope all the government and all the social system in this land change and Hope Not we accept peace with Taliban and close girls school, freedom speech and Fascism here again.


  1. Salam Mr.Hussaini.
    Omid ast ke jor wa sehatmand bashed..

    Az dedan weblog tan khosh shodom..waqian fawqulada bod.....
    arozoyee maufaqyat darom :D

    Naseer Fedaee

  2. Naseer jaan,
    Many thax for your nice words and wish all the best for you may friend. Good Luck :)