Monday, February 21, 2011

Taliban new strategy! Killing civilian in large numbers!

After Christmas 2011, we all in Afghanistan were expecting to see more attacks on military targets in Kabul and around the country, but the first attack in Kabul in 2011 was a bomb explosion under a bridge in old city where there was no any military or governmental target at all.

Attack on Finest super market in Kabul and killing 8 civilians, specially whole member of a family including children, Attack on City Center, a shopping mal, killing two and injured several, Attack in Khost city and killing 9 civilians and injured several, Attack on a bank in Jalalabad, killing 40 and injured more than 70 yesterday, in Another suicide attack in Kandahar 18 civilians were killed and many others injured and the last one just few minutes later than the time im writing my blog in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz was another suicide attacker who blow up himself inside a crowed of civilian and killing at least 28 and injured 40 till now. Imam Sahib is a small town which no military target. :( All these attacks happened in a month.

Question is that why Taliban start targeting just civilians and not the military?

1) Taliban are hardly in under presser in south war zones and they are defeated by US troops, therefore they try to keep their movement alive by targeting civilians to put presser on Karzai and US in Afghanistan. As they are in hurry to show some activities this year, they can not manage military targets and they choose the easiest way: Killing Civilians :(

2) Taliban think that their first part of their Jihad which was against the foreign troops is done as the International community announced that they will start pulling out by the end of 2011, therefore they start the second part of Jihad which is changing the system from democracy to Islamic Emirate again and for this peruse, they atart killing civilians to put presser on Karzai and all the system. Mujahidin and specially Gulbuddin Hekmatiar did the same to put presser on Najibullah regime in 90s.

People in Afghanistan do not make any demonstration to condemn these attacks, but unfortunately they shout in the streets of Kabul against Iranian government or to support of Palestinians. This nation can not find their way and can not realize what is their benefits?

Police and Army are highly in corrupt and in a video which one of my colleague has made recently in Helmand they even do not open fire on Taliban as they do not have bullets!!!

young generation is so disappoint and most of them try to leave the country in any way as the can. After the attack on Imam Sahib district one of my friends wrote this on my facebook:
Mohammad Qais Aqaee :Taliban think that if do suicide so, they gone be in Jannat!!!, which is totally wrong. I really feel sorry. What is going on in Afghanistan, everywhere is suicide attack and ....... and we are happy that we have a government!!!!! No action has been taken for the last 9 years from Government.

Facebook in Afghanistan is getting depress day by day which shows that educated and young generation are not happy at all and for sure a big percentage of all people are not happy with this situation.

More civilian casualties are on the way and more sadness and depression for all of us. it would be a big mistake if International community leave us again as they did in 90s. :((

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