Monday, August 16, 2010

Afghanistan today!

Hazara's rally finished and a lot of people including Hazara's had a lot of damaged in their shops and business in their area. I saw two bodies, one Hazara and one none Hazara and some of Hazara's friend start to be so emotional , starting propagandas against Koochies, Pashtouns and government.

One of my facebook friend also said a lot of insulting words to me and even named me as an uneducated person.

The top news today is Karzai reaction about private security companies. AFP reported: " President Hamid Karzai will give armed contracting firms in Afghanistan four months to dissolve, his spokesman said Monday, sparking fears over a potential security crisis in the war-torn country.

"Today the president is going to issue a four-month deadline for the dissolution of private security companies," Waheed Omer said.

The point is that Karzai's brothers are involved in some security companies and no one believe that this new order will effect on any of them.

If "dissolution of private security companies" happened then what will be the alternative for foreign companies to be secure from Taliban attacks?

Afghanistan's National Police (ANP) is not a professional unit to take care of any thing and Intelligence Service is not ready to have this responsibility due to not having enough personals.

I believe that after four month attacks on foreign companies who are working to serve our people will be more and this is something that ISI want!!!?

The head of Afghanistan's Intelligent service told to a paper some times ago that he was trained by ISI. Isn't it a bit funny? :)

Today I was fine and Avaz which is a private production company was making a short report on me and about my job in Kabul. It will be published in three Afghan TV channels...


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