Tuesday, August 31, 2010


21 foreign troops have been killed from Saturday till today which is August 31. Mostly they were US young soldiers that left their love ones behind and came here to fight with our enemy. As i talked to a lot of them they come to this hell to work and save money for their life. Unfortunately, they don't know a lot about this hell as their politician don't know as well. US officials see Afghanistan through Pakistani eyes and it they are in a complicate competition with British !!

Some of my friends -it does not matter where they are from or what is their nationality- are leaving Afghanistan and who knows when will we have dinner again together? A best friend of mine had a sad kind of love story and I'm anxious about him. I talked to him last night when i was driving him home and advice him what to do next. I am too nice maybe and i hate it!

Still it is complicate and in vain. i don't know what to do. i wish i could forget living with a clear conscience then it would be easy to live. i look for an opportunity to run away from all people who are depend on me and live for myself, like a selfish person.

I will have another embed on October 1, i don't want to leave on that day because its one of my friend's birth day but i can not change it. I hope i have a good embed with a lot of actions and combats and good photos. Bijan and Manija will be with me all the time.

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