Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When Kabul will face peace?

I Was at my office, waiting to go to the US embassy to cover an event while my Iranian friend, Majid Saeedi who is working as a photographer for Getty Images, called me and told me that he heard a big explosion sound in his area.
I called to several people to confirm it and called to some of my afghan and foreign friends who were living on that area to take care of themselves.

Our driver drove fast but due to heavy traffic i had to run a long way to get there. Police had been closed the road and a women, a girl and some young men guide me how to get there.

I arrived along with other journalist friends and i saw the destroyed bodies of two suicide attackers in front of a private security company where my cousin was working there too.

Eman my cousin was OK but he had scared a lot. he told me that their two drivers has been killed and he carried their bodies to a car.

The company was inside a civilian area and people around there were scared a lot. I saw a dead body of those two drivers in a police vehicle with a man who was crying loudly.

police were pushing and beating us to run us from the site of the suicide attack but we have to do our job.

We struggled a lot and took pictures any way. you can see some of my photos in www.imageforum.afp.com by searching my name as Massoud Hossaini.

Today me and some of my friends will go to an Indian restaurant. whenever i saw this kind of event it makes me depress. I hope i would not be boring for my friends tonight.


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