Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting Complicated!

Who started to insult other's religions first? Western papers.
I accept that Taliban as an insurgent and terrorist group burnt down a lot of bibles and books which were for teaching children about Cristian, but we are fighting this group and all world are fighting them as well and if some one in a church repeat their mistakes, it means it is not any different between that church and Taliban.

Burning Koran will born Afghanistan some how too. we had demonstration and many cities like Fazabad in north with three civilians wounded, Kunduz, Mazar, Jalalabad and Nimruz.It will be another one tomorrow in Kabul at Massoud circle which is close to a gang area and i afraid that a lot of things will happen.

Read this: "Pastor Terry Jones arrested for child pornography": NBC News' removed story. when you go to any religion you will see some Mullas are using religion to reach their goal. We should ask this guy that even any of Muslims mosque has burnt bible officially and let all the media know about it? or any Islamic papers did publish Jesse's cartoons with a bomb on his hat and ready to suicide? We also know a lot about your bible but we never insulate you with touching it.

My private life also is complicate, i did not finish an END and i want to go on which make me confuse and i cam mot decide for my life at all. I don't know why my Afghan friends do not contact me and left me alone. I really don't know what I'm doing and where am i going?


  1. Nice thought, Massoud Jaan. I agree with you that Terry Jones is just a crazy guy who is committed in his stupidity.

    Let us not forget that this man is not representing all the Christian around the world, just as some other guys who claim to be Muslims doesn’t represent all the Muslims.

    The sad thing is that some people paint the whole WEST like this man - which obviously is not true. Freedom must be explained again: Freedom is not to hurt or disrespect others. Freedom is not doing what we like, but rather having the right to do what we must do and that is to respect and love others.

    Keep posted. I enjoy your thoughts on issues. Have a wonderful day today.

  2. Thank you very much Kabul Sean, i dont really think that person is representing all the Christian around the world. im a journalist too and i dont want to question any body's freedom but if you insult a big number of people then it would be problem. no one knows which religion is the best or which one is the right one and through wich one human will have Hell or Paradis but all we know that relijion is the only properties for a lot of people arround the world. unfortunatly it is not logical but it is a truth...

  3. Massoud I think you are a great writer, I always wish I could write like you and be as well spoken as you. I really enjoy your posts and please keep it up. Wish you the best luck on election day and I am sure you will take great photos as always.

    Stay safe please,

    your friend,